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Monday, March 14, 2016
Issued by: May, Koch & Brisco, Attorneys At Law
Contact: Michela May, (608) 555-5555 or

Lawsuit filed to hold Ford accountable for toxic waste dumping that harmed residents of Shawano County, Wis.

Members of the Menominee Native American Tribe from Shawano County, Wisconsin filed a lawsuit Monday against Ford Motor Company for their involvement in toxic waste dumping that has harmed and continues to harm the local community.

Ford is being accused of releasing hazardous waste from their Shawano manufacturing plant that they owned from 1965 to 1980. As a result of their illegal dumping of toxic waste, current and former residents of the Shawano community have been exposed to harmful toxins and contaminants that have resulted in and will continue to cause injury.

“I had no choice but to pursue this lawsuit. If you saw the devastation in my community, you would do the exact same thing. We have kids dying of cancer, women with miscarriages, men unable to work,” said Ann Erlough, plaintiff, 58.

The lawsuit also accuses the Shawano County Solid Waste Management Authority (SCSWMA) of wrongdoing. From 1960 to 1980, the SCSWMA acquired portions of land from Ford’s Shawano site with the understanding that Ford would continue to dump hazardous waste in the area.

Both Ford and the SCSWMA failed to warn the residents of Shawano about the true extent and spread of unsafe toxins in the area. Furthermore, both companies did not take appropriate or significant action either towards cleaning up the hazardous waste or towards reducing the dangerous effects caused by their toxic dumping.

As a result of these failings, current and former residents of the area have been and will continue to be seriously harmed by the toxins.

This lawsuit comes as part of a growing national movement to hold manufacturers responsible for dumping hazardous waste and causing harm to the public.

Specifically, the Shawano County lawsuit holds Ford and the SCSWMA accountable for their unlawful actions and justly looks to help and relieve those affected by the toxic waste dumping.

“What was done to these people was unconscionable, and we will do everything we can to get them some measure of justice,” said Michela May, attorney for plaintiffs, 42.

For more information and updates regarding this story and lawsuit, visit:

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