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U.K. Strategic Culture and Post-Brexit Strategic Considerations

Political upheavals, economic turmoil, armed conflicts and intensifying security threats, have contributed to a current state of international affairs that is defined by deep uncertainty.[1] For the United Kingdom (UK), … Continue reading

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Social Media Adventure: #475day

Social media is evolving exponentially every day. Just as you get used to using one app, another app appears out of nowhere and dominates the media landscape. This fast past … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Ends, Ways and Means of Journalism

The debate over the future of journalism and the news is ongoing. I fully believe that journalism is NOT dying. Instead, we have entered a new era of journalism where … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the Chaotic Overflow of Information: Is Curation Journalism?

Curation can be understood as the consolidation and organizing of information into specific, specialized packages that are easily accessible and readable to the consumer. The concept of curation is certainly … Continue reading

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Chewbacca, Kermit, and Fake News: The Art of Virality

How on Earth did this become viral!? I ask this question a lot. For instance: How does a completely ridiculous video of a “Chewbacca Lady” become so popular? How does … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Media Literate in Today’s Society

Fake news is not a new phenomenon, however, the importance of being media literate is increasingly paramount in our evolving media and news environment that is becoming dominated by social … Continue reading

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Power and Responsibility: Social Media’s Global Revolution

Social media has become a vital stimulant for social change in the 21st century. In response to this phenomenon, I believe that we share two major tasks. First, we must … Continue reading

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