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Social Media Adventure: #475day

Social media is evolving exponentially every day. Just as you get used to using one app, another app appears out of nowhere and dominates the media landscape. This fast past environment, although at times overwhelming, is definitely exciting. The opportunities promoted by social media are practically endless and if there isn’t already a way to do something, create a way yourself! One of the great and enduring aspects of social media is certainly that it is a user-driven, user-focused and user-friendly service.

In order to take advantage of and experience the benefits of social media, my brilliant social media Professor, Sue Robinson (UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communications), constructed a fantastic hands on class initiative: Social Media Adventure Day #475Day

This social media adventure allowed us to use a wide-range of well-known and unknown social media tools. To name a few, some of the apps used included: Storify, Twitter, Whatsapp, MemeGen, Prisma and Opak. What was awesome about this assignment was the fact that we took these tools and used them to create a story. The story was based on the adventure Ellie Herman and I took into the wider Madison community (you can see the Storify below). Through the project and social media, we were able to immerse ourselves in our community, meeting new people and seeing new places. The relationships and experiences built on this adventure will remain; attesting to the positive impact social media can have on society. The opportunities of social media, especially due to its diversity and ease-of-use, are endless. Now go and immerse yourself in these wonders – start your own adventure! You never know whom you will meet, what you will find or where you will go.


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