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The Underlying Notion of Story Telling

open bookCommunication, global studies, history and journalism – these are four of my main passions and interests in life.

I have always been fascinated by these individual subjects and now, as I am studying them together at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have truly found how interconnected they can be.

This realization excites me and leaves me with an ambition to pursue a professional career that will make use of my enthusiasm for and knowledge of these inter-related fields.

Searching the Internet, I have found the ideal company that shares these passions with me and exemplify it through their work.

That company is: PHA Media

PHA Media is a global public relations agency located in London that provides a full spectrum of PR and media services to its clients.

Phil Hall, a prominent and award-winning journalist founded the company. Phil’s extensive experience with and love for journalism has been instilled with PHA Media from its inception.

Rooted in journalism and providing a full range of communications and business offerings to a global clientele base highlights PHA Media as a dream company for me to work for.

But how do, communications, global studies, history and journalism merge together?

For me, and for PHA Media, the answer is story telling!

PHA’s media vision and values statement states that: “Story-telling is at the heart of our culture and we provide integrated solutions to our clients. We tell stories across every media platform.”

In viewing their work as creating, editing and promoting stories for clients, PHA Media distinguishes itself and provides work that is extremely effective and impactful.

My fascination for stories and story telling has been, and continues to be, directly shaped by my interests in communications, history, global studies and journalism – all in which the idea of a “story” is central.

By combining my passions and experience with the underlying notion of story telling, I look to create, edit and promote my own story – just as PHA media do for their company and for their clients.


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