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Is PR the Profession for Me?


“Why work in PR?” is a question that I have come to ask myself more and more as I edge towards the post-university stage of my life. It is a question that simultaneously excites me and at times makes me nervous – is PR really the field I want to pursue?

Increasingly the answer is yes! And that, “Yes”, has just been confirmed and accelerated after reading this interview with Farzana Baduel –

Farzana Baduel is an award-winning, entrepreneurial, PR professional who is currently the Managing Director at Curzon PR – a prominent global strategic communications agency.

With a fascinating backstory and a successful professional career, Farzana’s insight into the PR profession is invaluable. In the interview, when asked what advice she would give to students interested in pursuing a PR career, Farzana presented four key points that really resonated with me: Show dynamism, PR yourself, Take notes from industry leaders and educate yourself, and Immerse yourself in PR.

Although it is easy to just regurgitate these four points in words, Farzana stresses the importance of fully engaging in these activities daily. Although it will be hard work, I definitely now appreciate the vitality of putting in that extra effort each day in order to gain results, confidence and knowledge in the PR world.

From these four pointers, Farzana deems PR as “a fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape with convergence across media, PR, marketing and digital communications.” This “fast-paced” and “ever-evolving” communications environment is what really draws me in to the PR profession. The idea that there is never a typical or dull day is both extremely enticing and a challenge. A challenge, nonetheless, that I look forward to and can approach with an affirmed determination and passion for the PR profession.

“PR is an exciting and fascinating world. Be prepared to work hard, get experience and be observant if you are considering being a PR professional.” – Farzana Baduel


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